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The Penguin Book of Haiku

"A revelation"

The Sunday Times, Books of the Year 2018

"After word of this book gets out, the English-language practice and study of haiku will never be the same.”

Jay Rubin, GQ Magazine

"With this new collection, haiku stands poised and ready for its reintroduction to the world of literature.”

The Japan Times

"In reasserting the relevance of haiku in all its incarnations variously serious, crude and comic, Kern does the haiku-loving world a great service and gives us all a good laugh at the same time"

The Japan Journal

"An amazing collection... [that] spans the entire range of poetry from the bawdy to the sublime, giving this book more diversity than any other book of haiku I have read."

Frogpond (Journal of the Haiku Society of America)

“This is the tome on haiku that enthusiasts have awaited! Adam Kern has written the definitive book on haiku. His introduction is at the cutting edge of scholarship, enabling English-language readers to penetrate some of the arcana that only Japanese scholarship had been dealing with. The book is written in Kern’s inimitable and refreshingly fluid style. I doubt a work of this caliber will emerge on the subject for decades.”

John Solt (independent scholar)

"Kern's love of his subject is infectious; how many scholarly books can be described as a joy to read?"

Melinda Takeuchi 

(Stanford University)


   Times Literary Supplement

"With his charmingly unconventional and quick-witted approach, Kern dazzles readers."

Patrick Caddeau

(Princeton University)

"At 600 pages, this is a massive tome, but having it conspicuously placed on your coffee table will make you the coolest intellectual on your block."

City Weekend Beijing

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